Hwarang Mastery Martial Arts

Rocky Mount, Virginia

                  Welcome to Hwarang Mastery Martial Arts





   We are a small martial arts school located in Rocky Mount Virginia dedicated to self improvement for all. The school offers Traditional Tang Soo Do taught by Head Instructor Bill Pensy, and Instructor Christy Braziel, which is a great way to learn self defense, self discipline and improve your over all fitness. Bill Pensy is the first school offered a Charter by Hwarang Mastery Martial Arts Association and have been for since 2008.

  We hope that you find your time with us to be personally challenging and rewarding. Our instructors and other students will do all we can to help you develop the skills for living and training you need for success, both on the training floor and in life....

Weather Announcement

Since Hwarang Masteries Martial Arts is located in the Southwest portion of Virginia, there can be times when the weather will become hazardous, such as major snow showers. During any harsh weather conditions, we will not be opened until the safety of our students are assured outside of the dojang. Here is a weather app to help keep you updated on the current weather: